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of cannons erected here in the 17th century to defend the young city. but nothing could defend new york city from the wall of water that came crashing ashore in one of the biggest storms so far of the 21st century. hurricane sandy filled the tunnels here with floodwaters unlike anything the city has seen in decades. the storm brought misery to 14 states from north carolina to maine. at least 35 people in nine states have been killed. and more than seven million homes and businesses up and down the coast are without electricity tonight. officials say it could be days, if not weeks, before all the power is restored. close to one million people have been evacuated. more than 18,000 are living in shelters. downtown new york city, the financial capital of the world, was largely shut down for a second day with the power out and the streets flooded. governor andrew cuomo called the scene "frightening." >> the hudson river was coming over from the west, the east river was coming over from the east. >> pelley: subways became waterways. a boat wound up on railroad trks and the governor of new jersey c
city neighborhood burned to the ground. downed trees leave millions without power. floodwaters drive thousands from their homes. >> this is a community. this is our people, our friends. >> i got nothing left. >> pelley: also tonight, we're in the air with the army corps of engineers as they try to figure out how to get the water and the debris out of the disaster area. the president sees the destruction for himself. >> we are here for you. >> pelley: our team of cbs news correspondents will bring you comprehensive coverage of the aftermath of sandy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from breezy point, new york. >> pelley: good evening. we've come here because no community has seen more destruction from hurricane sandy than this. this entire neighborhood, the new york city city observe borof queens, 111 homes destroyed by fire the night the storm hit. we'll have more on this in just a moment, but first, let us give you the big picture in the aftermath of sandy. nearly six million homes and businesses in 13 states are still
and the city will remain closed too and as soon as we get those closings, we will go to the website and we also have a crew headed through the hunting on it area -- huntington area because of flooding. let's get the latest from his team. >> we are south of ocean city and normally the highest winds are on the right quadrant and left quadrant. let's start with winds and this is sort of -- pardon me? scotty, you want to tell me something? okay 50 mile-per-hour winds gusts and that's as high as we have seen so far. 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts and 45 in leesberg but this has caught my eye. winchester, over 50 mile-per- hour wind gusts in just the last hour. 2:00 a.m. tonight, hurricane force winds in red will be essentially over the metro area and that will compass the -- encompass the baltimore area in montgomery and points north. this is something important to watch as this orange color, these winds are 60 to 70 miles per hour and that will be encompasses most of the metro area. tomorrow morning we wake up and still have this orange on top of us. that is 60 miles per hour -- 60 mile-per-hour winds
our link to him. hurricane sandy is about to make landfall near atlantic city, but the impact of this storm is being felt all along the east coast. the governors of 14 states from north carolina to maine have declared states of emergency. let's get the latest now from cbs news hurricane consultant david bernard. david? >> good evening, anthony. a lot of trouble up and down the east coast tonight. sandy is basically not a drop cam system anymore, but the effects are all going to be the same. let's start with where the storm is right now and, again, we are looking at very strong waves occurring all across ptions of the jersey and also long island sound. notice just offshore we're seeing some of these wave heights still indicated near 45 feet, maybe higher. and even though the storm is here, anthony, it's still pushing a lot of water in from the east and southeast. in fact, i was looking at some of the tide gauges in just the last few moments and places like the battery and even further east along the long island south and south along the jersey shore, those tides are reaching th
could be a turning point in the race. bombs are turning one of the world's most historic cities into rubble-- at least 40 dead today. clarissa ward on who's behind it. most americans take supplements, but do they work? dr. jon lapook has the results of a new investigation. and anthony mason with unforgettable debate moments. >> there you go again. >> who am i? >> you're no jack kennedy. >> pelley: so give a listen. >> i'm all ears. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from denver. >> pelley: good evening, president obama and mitt romney meet here tonight on the stage behind me at the university of denver for their very first debate. the stakes are high because 34 days before the election this race is still up for grabs. the latest poll of likely voters by the "wall street journal" shows the president with a three-point lead over governor romney, 49% to 46%. but that's within the margin of but that's within the margin of error, so it's very nearly a tie. the debate tonight is the first chance voters are going to have to si
on long island just east of new york city for the second of three debates between president obama and mitt romney. the candidates will take questions from uncommitted voters-- 82 of those voters will be on the stage behind me. can the president use this stage to bounce back from what he admits was a bad night at the first debate. a night that turned out to be a game changer. after that first debate, the race went from dead even to a slight but steady lead for governor romney-- though within the margin of error. but now have a look at this. the latest gallup poll out today shows he has opened a four-point lead over the president, 50% to 46%. that is outside the margin of error. so a small but genuine and growing lead. and this was surprising today. gallup shows that in the tossup states that are likely to tip the balance, romney has cut deeply into one of the president's major strengths. he still trails mr. obama among women, but now by just a single point. we'll see if later polls bear that out. we have a team of campaign 2012 correspondents covering the debate and we're going to go first
and 9/11. theyey could contaminate the water supply in major cities. >> pelley: david martin on the threat of cyber warfare. did the vice president get it the vibout the deadly attack in libya? >> we weren't told they wanted more security. >> pelley: reports from jan crawford and nancy cordes. fos angeles makes space for a rdes.craft as "endeavour" lands in its new home. bill whitaker is there. and steve hartman "on the road." whey were separated at birth. whitake're together till death do they part. >> reporter: so you think this th ats meant to be? >> absolutely. match made in heaven. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the united states is facing an attack threat equivalent to 9/11, an attack that would be carried out by computer. that was the stark warning from defense secretary leon panetta. he described a cyber pearl harbor in which attackers could take over computers that control the transportation system or a utility with deadly consequences. panetta's dire prediction comes after a massive computer att
city of islamabad and, liz, i wonder: what's the general reaction in pakistan to this terrible shooting? >> well, the viciousness of the attack has prompted universal outrage from women's groups, from clerics, and certainly from politicians. there have even been some protests. but nothing like the numbers that come out for other causes. for example, to protest against u.s. drone strikes. it may be because the whole subject of girls' education is controversial. it's estimated that only 22% of girls in rural areas even finish primary school. >> pelley: elizabeth, thanks very much. the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks went before a military tribunal today on the als. naval base at guantanamo bay, cuba. khalid sheikh mohammed and four co-defendants are charged with conspiracy and nearly 3,000 counts of murder. the defendants sat quietly today, in contrast to when they disrupted the proceedings with totests last time. this was a pre-trial hearing today. the trial itself won't start at t ast for another year. year.vestigation into the veadly meningitis outbreak is widening. the
, where chip reid is tonight. chip? >> reporter: well, scott, last year ocean city, maryland, mostly dodged hurricane irene, but forecasters say this time they may not be as lucky here with sandy. tourists on the ocean city boardwalk today seemed unphased by the approaching storm. but it was a darker mood among those who live here. bill purnell boarded up his bike shop. >> i'm pretty worried. on a one out of ten? i'd say i'm definitely a nine. >> we are concerned about the flooding. >> reporter: rick meehan is ocean city's mayor. what is your biggest worry about this storm? >> well, we have concerns about the intensity of the storm, what the wind levels are going to be when the storm actually gets here and we have concerns of some of the effects of the storm, mostly, i think, the possibility of flooding in some of the low-lying areas of town. >> reporter: off cape cod, coast guard planes directed fishing boats back to port. on shore, 20,000 utility workers have been put on standby to repair outages along the eastern seaboard. last year, hurricane irene caused a loss of power for more
, in which he allegedly laid out his plan to attack new york city. an f.b.i. affidavit alleges that nafis helped build a 1,000-pound bomb in a long island warehouse. a audio and videotaped conversations with an f.b.i. informant, nafis allegedly said ro wanted to "destroy america" on behalf of al qaeda." according to the f.b.i., while planning the bombing, nafis told an undercover agent, "what i really mean is that i don't want something that's, like, small. i just want something that is big, something very big." this morning, the 21-year-old allegedly drove a van he believed carried the bomb downtown and parked it in front of the federal reserve bank of new york. nafis walked a short distance to this hotel, where the f.b.i. says he then recorded a video claiming responsibility for the attack. agents then say he then used a cell phone to remotely detonate the device, but the ingredients the f.b.i. had provided for the bomb were harmless. nafis was arrested moments later. llw york city police commissioner ray kelly. >> this individual came here with the express purpose of committing a terro
remnants from terror strikes, pieces from the u.s.s. "cole," the oklahoma city federal building, and the world worldcenter. there's an antenna from the north tower, a steel beam bent by the impact of one of the ijacked planes, and this support section from the building's base. this is an iconic piece, buil instantly recognizable to anyone who's seen the world trade onic p picture. ecognie. >> reporter: and that was your point here. you wanted this to be a stark in-your-face reminder. yo >> i said i want it smack dab in cee middle of where the folks mack in so every single day they walk by this particular piece. >> reporter: for healy, fail tejury not an option. success here is measured by negatives-- attacks that don't happen. ob orr, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: two airliners had to turn around when passenger seats roundloose. and now you see her, now you don't. the latest ikea catalog when the ues. evening news" continues. alar [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis, can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? could your "i want" become "i can"
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bankruptcy disqualify a candidate for public office? that's the question facing voters in a bay area city where four candidates admit that they have had money troubles. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on how one of those candidates is trying to spin bankruptcy into a selling point. >> reporter: in the friendly town of gilroy, the political season is in full bloom. candidates's yard signs use words like character and leadership to describe themselves. but the word might be bankruptcy. >> i find that terribly distressing. >> reporter: antique shopkeeper gracie garcia is reacting to the headlines in the gilroy dispatch a newspaper finding four candidates on the ballot with a history of bankruptcy. they include mayoral candidate peter arellano who filed in 2004 and dion brocco who filed in 1988 as well as
're used to. >> reporter: that's because lake travis also supplies drinking water for cities, including austin, and supports recreation around the lake, like janet kaler's marina. she points out last year, in the middle of the severe drought, nearly 60% of the water drained from the lake system, went to the farmers. >> they want things to remain as they always were. that's not the way the world works. >> reporter: her marina is losing business. waterfront homes now sit hundreds of feet away from water. >> there's no question that there is a battle going on. look around you at the devastation of these businesses and the cost. it's immediate and now. >> a drought kind of makes you aware of what you don't have. >> reporter: becky motal heads the lower colorado river authority. the agency plans to build new reservoirs to meet demand from a population that cowl double by 2060, but that will take years. >> as the urban areas grow ask they have more of a demand for water, that water's got to come from somewhere. >> reporter: ron gertsen hopes that water will last long enough for his grandson t
, is on welfare to work from inner city l.a. but don't just look. listen. ♪ [ music ] >> music is beautiful. it's been here with me through all my troubles. music is like my homey, my friend. we can just talk. i mean, it's like, he'll talk and i'll listen. >> reporter: he began his conversation with music at 5, when his mother saw a flyer for free violin lessons. that led them to the harmony project, a program in l.a.'s most troubled neighborhoods, that puts instruments in these hands before the rampant gang culture puts a gun in them. >> it's been difficult for us as a family to can of survive -- to kind of survive sometimes. >> reporter: cheryl came to hollywood seeking fame. after seven children and a failed marriage, all she found was hard times. >> i think we've moved maybe about 28 times. >> reporter: 28 times. >> mm-hm. we've actually slept one time at the office at harmony project. >> reporter: through all of that, he held on to his music. >> this was the one constant thing in life. >> reporter: it's not about being a virtuoso. he finds virtue in music. >> music is like my meditation. m
the city of aleppo, six schools were bombed by assad's air force. the classrooms were torn apart, so parents and teachers set up what they call "bunker schools." lessons are now taught underground where it's safer. one parent said they wanted to restore some normality, and the children are determined to learn. one boy said his favorite subject is english because he wants to study in america one day. we're watching the growing storm named sandy in the caribbean. today it became a full-blown hurricane. the category one storm clobbered jamaica with 80 mile an hour wind and torrential rain before heading north toward cuba and the bahamas. in haiti, rushing waters claimed one life. beyond the weekend, there are two possible tracks: one, sandy skirts the east coast, sending waves and rain but nothing dangerous. two, the storm could hit the eastern u.s., bringing snow, slamming new york and new england directly. there's a new picasso surprise that has the art world excited. for years, the woman ironing was a well-known painting but she was hiding something. when picasso was young he started
ogawa plaza to right now in front of city hall about 200 people there right now. they vow to take back frank ogawa plaza. let's show you footage taken exactly a year ago when protestors clashed with oakland police. officers fired beanbags and rubber bullets at the protestors. they demonstrated that night because police earlier evicted them from their encampment. some oakland "occupiers" say
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)